Your facial aesthetic journey is unique to each person and here at Why Aesthetics, we care about YOUR WHY. Creating a space where a doctor-patient relationship is established where your needs, wants and desires are our concern.

Guy Aesthetics

Guy Aesthetics

We love that young and old, Guys have begun to adopt a more open attitude towards self-care, cosmetic procedures, and the world of facial aesthetics. Whether it be hair removal, treating acne scarring, addressing excess sweating, repairing sun-damaged skin, or masculinisation of facial features, Dr. Comyns is here to treat and care for you.

Men who try skin rejuvenation treatments and procedures often look and feel better. Whether that be in the dating arena or desire to keep up with ‘younger-looking” gents at work, are some reasons why these treatments are increasingly popular amongst men.

Having your cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. Maria Comyns can give the peace of mind knowing that, as the male features of anatomy differ from women’s, the experience for assessing and injecting the male face is in her hands. She prides herself on client satisfaction.

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