Your facial aesthetic journey is unique to each person and here at Why Aesthetics, we care about YOUR WHY. Creating a space where a doctor-patient relationship is established where your needs, wants and desires are our concern.

Our Team

About Our Founder – Dr. Maria Comyns


Dr. Maria Comyns (MBBS DCH), completed her medical training at the University of New South Wales and has rekindled her love of all things beautiful within cosmetic medicine. She has trained with Derma Medical, Australian Skin Therapies, Alocuro, and Merz Institute Australia. As a Cosmetic Doctor, she enjoys matching anti-wrinkle injections, dermal filler, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for skin rejuvenation or hair loss, skin analysis and skincare, microneedling, and medical peels, along with fat dissolving treatments to match your desired aesthetic look. Her love of all things beauty and wellness will be expanded into thread lifts and Vitamin injectable therapies this year.


Her areas of expertise within cosmetic injectables are achieving a balanced aesthetic finish for lip enhancements and Platelet Rich Plasma injections for evidence-based skin rejuvenation. Everyone has an opinion on lip filler, Dr. Maria prides herself on achieving what a client is asking for with subtle and natural-looking finishes. This can require subtle structural support due to the signs of aging, which is why a full facial assessment can be required.


PRP for skin rejuvenation is an area within cosmetic medicine where she has seen amazing results, through using only the top medical-grade, TGA-approved equipment. Alocuro is only supplied to medical doctors and is a natural way to use your very own platelets to stimulate growth factors that can repair damage to skin and collagen. Matched with micro needling provides an overall collagen stimulation therapy not matched by any other non-invasive natural therapy.


Her calming tone and caring nature make these potentially confronting treatments, one of ease and enjoyment. She will leave you feeling listened to and satisfied.

Dr. Katie Thomson


Katie has joined the area of aesthetic medicine after a long and varied career in hospital-based medicine, she has over 12 years of clinical experience including working in general and emergency medicine.


 As a self-confessed skincare junkie, this field really is a natural progression. Katie is a firm believer that everyone deserves great skin and is passionate about assisting and empowering clients to look like the best version of themselves through subtle and natural enhancements.


Katie’s favourite treatment to carry out is platelet rich plasma injections (or PRP for short!). This involves extracting those lovely cells from your own blood called platelets and re-injecting them into the areas that need a little help and rejuvenation, stimulating the elastin and collagen production. Pretty amazing!

Daina Burdett – Registered Nurse


Daina completed a Bachelor of Nursing and Paramedicine in 2017. After graduating, Daina spent four years working in Intensive Care and in 2020 completed a Post Graduate degree in Critical Care.


Daina has always dreamed of working as a Cosmetic Nurse but wanted to gain clinical experience before entering the industry.


Daina suffered from skin problems at a young age and personally understands the impact that feeling comfortable in your skin can have on one’s confidence.


Daina will always greet you with a smile, is down to earth, and easily approachable, Daina understands the importance of finding a practitioner to trust and help you make decisions about your cosmetic treatments.


Daina believes that aesthetic medicine is about enhancing one’s natural features and wants to help people achieve a look that they love and makes them feel themselves.

Mardi Scanlan – Registered Nurse


Mardi is a highly-skilled Registered Nurse with over 20 years of experience in Intensive Care. She has several years of experience in cosmetic injectables.


Mardi is a warm and caring nurse who prides herself on giving her clients confidence and achieving natural-looking results in a safe and comfortable environment and is committed to continually learning and updating her aesthetic knowledge and cosmetic skills.